Is the investment worth it? In this short “Gear Review” video, Meet Aaron Perry, owner of Exterior Pro Roofing in Indiana. If Aaron’s space and efficiency challenges sound relatable, we would love the opportunity to create a similar success story… we’re here to help!

“One of our biggest challenges has been to stay organized. The more sheet metal stock that we brought into the shop to be processed, the less efficient we became because we had simply run out of space, and our shop was a total mess. This rack made by Lean Manufacturing helped me regain the order and efficiency in our sheet metal shop that we wanted here at Exterior Pro.”

At LEAN, we’re incredibly proud to work with companies that continue pushing the limits of metal fabrication – such as Atomic Industries. A progressive company that understands the investments and efficiencies required to be the best in the game. We’re humbled to play in integral role in the efficiency of their premier fabrication facility.

In the video below, John represents most all metal fabricators… fighting for space, and working hard to keep up with customer demands. Check out how our sheet metal storage systems help him create space for more operations and better efficiencies. We’d be thrilled to help achieve the same success!