Removing raw sheet metal from wooden pallets or runners is a common process on your shop floor if you are using a high-density storage & handling system, such as a manual or fully-automated tower. Therefore, it’s important to make these material transfers as smooth and efficient as possible. The Lean Manufacturing Products, Inc.’s pin table utilizes a modular design intended to work with many different sheet sizes and wooden pallet or runner configurations. Each pin slides along the tubular framework to find the gaps in the woodwork and make contact with the raw sheet stock.

Key Features:

  • Low-profile design
  • Pins can be stored in a horizontal orientation and rest over the fork tubes when not in-use (reducing vertical space waste)
  • Sliding pins (not fixed) can always find the gaps in the woodwork
  • Pins have acrylic tops so the material is not gouged
  • 3×10 tubes for the fork lift make the pin table easily movable

Ask us for our “Shipping Instructions” document that you can share with your material suppliers so material always arrives on the appropriate runners for a quick transfer!

Or — For an even better solution, ask us how we have successfully formed relationships with material suppliers so they deliver sheet metal PRE-LOADED on our patented steel cartridges. Then you can completely eliminate wooden pallets and runners!