Efficiently transporting and staging jobs, or WIP, at each work cell is a golden opportunity for job shops and OEMs alike to increase their throughput and profitability while reducing their waste. If you’re transporting & staging heavy parts, one cart for each batch may be required. But what if you are staging a series of high mix, low volume parts? Or what if you want to keep all the components of a larger assembly/weldment together? Perhaps you don’t need a floor full of carts, but instead you need a cart with different modular shelves, or tiers, that you can use to keep parts separate, but within a small footprint. We have a solution for that…

Our modular stacking carts allow you to assemble the right-sized cart for each job or shift that runs through your facility. For a metal fabricator, this may mean having 4 hours of high-mix, cosmetic, brake press work staged on a single cart with multiple tiers. Once the operator is done with the top tier, he/she can remove it and begin the next one, without having to go look for “what’s next?”.

Fast Facts:

  • Cart is welded steel construction with phenolic casters and footbrake
  • Tiers are welded aluminum construction (lightweight)
  • “Culture Statements” are cut into each tier flange to help promote your company’s values and culture
  • Customizable to each company
  • Add/remove as many tiers as required
  • Rubber surface cover optional (for cosmetic parts)
  • Base cart dimensions per your requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Most commonly, these are designed to accommodate a standard 40×48 pallet. We often adjust sizing per our customer’s specifications – if you let us know what you’ll be transporting on the carts, we’ll work with you to find the best solution!

  1. Versatile, independent, and mobile access to multiple different components. It’s easily configurable to fit a variety of different projects, and always able to adjust to your current workload.
  2. Very useful when handling cosmetic parts that need to keep separated.
  3. “Fab Shop” example: you’re running a cosmetic stainless job, and the lasered blanks need to go to the press brakes for forming. With the modular stacking cart, the laser operator can configure the cart to hold all the parts needed, without any scratches, and with independent access for the brake operator – then, as the brake operator is forming the parts, he/she can remove the tiers and keep continuous workflow without excess handling.

The Modular Stacking Carts have multiple levels for part/component placement, while the Rolling Pallet Carts are single-level.

Depending on size, we always try to keep the tiers under 40 lbs. for operator safety.

The base cart is a steel weldment, and each stacking tier is an aluminum weldment. If the tiers are for a heavier-duty application, steel can be used in its place.

500 lb uniform load rating for each aluminum tier. If you have requirements for heavier loads, we can change materials and add more reinforcement crossmembers.

We do not recommend exceeding 6’ tall in a cumulative stack. Although they could be stacked higher, we recommend keeping it at an ergonomic max height for an operator so he/she is not reaching above head-level.

Yes! We specialize in customization. If you have custom ideas for a cart, you are in the right place. We have added custom handles, casters, dimensions, flanges and more to our carts. We would love to hear your ideas!

Depending on the quantity and current workload, lead time is typically between 3-4 weeks.

All carts ship fully assembled so they are ready to use as soon as you receive them. We want to make this an easy plug-and-play for you!

  1. The top surface is either aluminum or steel, pending your preference.
  2. We also offer rubber top layers for a small cost. This is highly recommended for the extra protection to your parts, and the added friction to prevent sliding parts.