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Modular Stacking Carts

Efficiently transporting and staging jobs, or WIP, at each work cell is a golden opportunity for job shops and OEMs alike to increase their throughput and profitability while reducing their waste. If you’re transporting & staging heavy parts, one cart for each batch may be required. But what if you are staging a series of high mix, low volume parts? Or what if you want to keep all the components of a larger assembly/weldment together? Perhaps you don’t need a floor full of carts, but instead you need a cart with different modular shelves, or tiers, that you can use to keep parts separate, but within a small footprint. We have a solution for that…

Our modular stacking carts allow you to assemble the right-sized cart for each job or shift that runs through your facility. For a metal fabricator, this may mean having 4 hours of high-mix, cosmetic, brake press work staged on a single cart with multiple tiers. Once the operator is done with the top tier, he/she can remove it and begin the next one, without having to go look for "what’s next?".

Fast Facts:

  • Cart is welded steel construction with phenolic casters and footbrake
  • Tiers are welded aluminum construction (lightweight)
  • “Culture Statements” are cut into each tier flange to help promote your company’s values and culture
  • Customizable to each company
  • Add/remove as many tiers as required
  • Rubber surface cover optional (for cosmetic parts)
  • Base cart dimensions per your requirements
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