The New Age of Transporting Sheet Metal

Published May 25, 2021
  1. Imagine your raw sheet metal material pre-loaded on a RETURNABLE cartridge system at your favorite local service center that you already trust.
  2. The service center then TRANSPORTS your material safely, damage-free to your fabrication shop.
  3. Upon arrival, you UNLOAD the truck and immediately LOAD the cartridges into a fully accessible storage system.
  4. When you need specific material for a job, it is EASILY LOCATED and ACCESSIBLE, never buried.
  5. You can then conveniently pull material from the storage system and feed your lasers and/or punches. It will be processed
    remaining flat, undamaged and consistently aligned in tight, organized stacks.
  6. As cartridges are emptied, your service center continuously CIRCULATES the same reusable cartridges; when they drop off new material, they pick up the empties and take them back to their facility to load up again.

Traditionally, wooden pallets have been the “industry standard” dunnage for sheet metal shipments; so as you might expect, our patented returnable cartridge systems are creating quite the well deserved buzz! Further, our high-density storage systems are rapidly replacing traditional pallet racking and cantilever racking. Is it time for you to make the jump as well?

If proper storage systems are not in place, palletized sheet stock has a tendency to sprawl into every nook and cranny available on your shop floor – resulting in thousands of dollars spent looking for and unburying the next job you need to run, all while your machines sit idle. And with the extra handling, material gets damaged, FIFO gets overlooked, and employee tensions run high.

Lean Manufacturing Products, Inc. proudly offers solutions for managing your inventory efficiently and effectively. And, they only cost a fraction of the expenses spent daily, monthly, and annually on inefficiencies, damaged materials, and wasted space. Depending upon your current operations and volume, the ROI is typically less than a year.

Contact us today! Let’s make your fab shop more profitable, organized and safer. We’ll work with you and your service center to set you up for success.

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