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Block Cartridge System

Do you want to help protect your operators and material, but not necessarily make the full jump to the patent-pending Re-Rack Cartridge System?

As a hybrid option, the Block Cartridge System utilizes a series of perimeter blocks to trap sheets on the inside of the cartridge. Thus, if a job only requires 2 sheets off a cartridge, but the cartridge has 12 sheets on it, the remaining 10 sheets can be put back into inventory without re-banding/re-strapping the sheets. Otherwise, if you had run a partial on a wooden pallet, you are theoretically supposed to re-band the material to the skid prior to transporting it back to inventory with a forklift (think of what would happen if you suddenly needed to hit the brakes).

See the attached literature on our block cartridges, and notice how they are removable and easy to use.

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