Lean Manufacturing Products, Inc. produces material handling and storage products that efficiently utilize vertical space and are strategically placed for optimal material and work flow. Manufacturers in many industries use our products such as Stacking Pallet Racks, Sheet Metal Storage Racks, Work Cell Staging Racks and Rolling Pallet Carts.

In our manufacturing and metal fabrication experience, we needed ways to free up our own floor space, coordinate work flow and improve efficiency as we began our lean manufacturing initiative. But we couldn’t find the products we needed. Fortunately, we’re a creative group with long relationships with many local metal manufacturing facilities. Soon, we prototyped, tested and produced products that helped propel us on our “lean” journey. So many customers asked us about them, that we created Lean Manufacturing Products, Inc. to offer these solutions.

Our goal is to help you improve productivity and profitability within your existing facility space with fast and easy-to-implement material handling solutions that:

  • Save time
  • Improve organization
  • Increase workflow visibility
  • Clean up cluttered shop floors
  • Protect your sheet metal material from damage
  • Reduce inventory
  • Minimize employee stress

Our team can evaluate the use of space at your facility, the location of operations and staging areas, and identify possible improvements. We offer a standard list of SKUs as well as custom solutions. We also provide tools to assist calculating the return on investment to ensure our lean solutions will quickly deliver value for you many times over.